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What's there to say? My name is Haidi, and I'm me like only I can be. middle age of 20's, still bujang trang tang tang, much into guitar and photography. a degree holder in quantity surveyor (UTM Skudai, 2006), a project manager in this local construction industry, also a part time student @ Niosh(safety construction management) and also a freelance photographer.bla bla is strange, and together my friends and I live it to it's fullest.this is my life.nothing much about me..

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elevenzerooneOone..something happened...and a day i decided to here i am....

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place..I've found it has a little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. Aware of our surroundings..and always try to give meanings of everything we see"

-my lense' s story is my public first ever blog! i've been trying to picture myself holding a regular blog ever since i started reading some of the local blog about photographer..its looked fun and stuff but well, i never liked writing, so i quickly dropped the idea. blogging is not my thing, i thought. Then something really happen which i really regret i dont have any medium to rememberize it.

In spite of all this, this blog took birth on 11th jan 2010. i'll write mostly about myself, my boring life, my journey and its treasures. emm this is all exciting ! i have my very own blog

pull up a chair, lean back, relax & reminisce wif me, back to the GOOD OLD DAYS when the livin' was easy..

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Friday, May 28, 2010

28/5/2010 - my gopeng resort

so weekend ni aku ngn bebudak gpg n ipoh plan nk g mandi jt sg jahang..tmpat aku mandi n mancing mase bebudak2 dulu...hehe tup2 si cik rina mencadangkn penukaran lokasi mandi manda..die cdg k gopeng resort :, aku pn xpnh tau ade resort tu kt gpr.aku bwk adik2 aku misya n mira 1st plan nk gerak skali..sbb aku tlewat tunggu adk2 aku bsiap aku lmbt sket gerak...ikut direction yg diorg bg dlm fon aku pn redah je la...aku baget dekat je la..upenye mak aii jauh giler siap msuk kg org asli, naik bukit yg jlnnye mmg xde premix..dgn myk yg dah rpt abis, bwk lak kete sentra aku yg aku bru lowered kn last week..mmg gamble abis..sib baik myk smpat smpi..yg sakit atinye abis skirting aku memikirkan kwn2 yg nk enjoy aku pn wat relax je dlm ati..nyesal giler..hehe beznye sbb mekzu idaman hatiku itu pn ade ikut xdpt nk manje ngn die sbb bru nk knal2...heheh tp mmg tmpt tu lawa giler waterfall die..unfortunately aku xsempat nk shoot waterfall tu sbb ujan..xpe2 aku ttp nekad nk amik gak gambr waterfall lenkali mmg aku bwk 4x4 la..xdenye nk nek sentra aku tu...gopeng resort tu mmg lawa n byk aktiviti ade kt sane..yg aku tau ade paint ball, abseiling,flying fox, menggua, night walk, tubing, rafting, kayaking..byk lg la..korg try la view link yg ade kt ats tu...pas pueh mandi2 diorg bwk aku g mkn mee kari..perrghh mmg sedap giler..kdai tu dlm utan tp mmg sentiasa full ngn customer..mmg xnyesal klu bab2 mkn ni..heheh


Ryeenazs said...

aksi aku tu mmg xleh tahan la...

Anonymous said...

ade lg x gmbr len?