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What's there to say? My name is Haidi, and I'm me like only I can be. middle age of 20's, still bujang trang tang tang, much into guitar and photography. a degree holder in quantity surveyor (UTM Skudai, 2006), a project manager in this local construction industry, also a part time student @ Niosh(safety construction management) and also a freelance photographer.bla bla is strange, and together my friends and I live it to it's fullest.this is my life.nothing much about me..

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welcome to my life

elevenzerooneOone..something happened...and a day i decided to here i am....

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place..I've found it has a little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. Aware of our surroundings..and always try to give meanings of everything we see"

-my lense' s story is my public first ever blog! i've been trying to picture myself holding a regular blog ever since i started reading some of the local blog about photographer..its looked fun and stuff but well, i never liked writing, so i quickly dropped the idea. blogging is not my thing, i thought. Then something really happen which i really regret i dont have any medium to rememberize it.

In spite of all this, this blog took birth on 11th jan 2010. i'll write mostly about myself, my boring life, my journey and its treasures. emm this is all exciting ! i have my very own blog

pull up a chair, lean back, relax & reminisce wif me, back to the GOOD OLD DAYS when the livin' was easy..

- HAIDI takeafoto


Monday, March 28, 2011

Memoirs Of Avillion

Waaahh aku demam....balik je PD trus demam..nak mam bubur....idung aku dah merah ni..ase nak potong2 je idung ni..sok sek sok sek..bile ntah nak benti selseme aku ni...dah la duk sorg2 kt umh ni...bez sebenarnye duk sorg2 ni...sukati je nak buat ape, nak decorate umah cmne..nak pkai ape, xnk pkai pape kt umh pun xpe..heheh hoh..jgn duk imagine lebih2 lak.....

tp kdg2 bile dtg time2 sakit cmni..teringin lak klu ade bini..ade teman kt umh ni..hehe mkn bini suapkan..tolong suap2 ubt...picit2 pale..perghhh beznye...klau agak2 xlarat nak mandi, leh gak suh bini mandikan..hehehe

Minggu ni jer 2 negeri aku g, dah g pd pastu g gua musang lak...perit siut demam kali ni...ase nak tdo je...zzzzzzzz


Shu Shinju said...

hye edy...mana kamu menghilang ni..huhuhuuhu...:( rindu la....

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

huhuh ! anis izyan sihat2 sahajo hhihiii , jadi photographer anis laaa , huhu

aleen aiden said...

woh,gambar cun gilos. ^_^

gilaweb said...

cantik view sini :p

-oP_ida- said...

hihihi gelak jaa baca n3 ni...bila takda bini kalOt nak ada erk..sok dah ada..jenuh plak.......syik gado manja jaaa..muahahahahhaha

bila nak jmpak??APRIL erk...apriLLL