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What's there to say? My name is Haidi, and I'm me like only I can be. middle age of 20's, still bujang trang tang tang, much into guitar and photography. a degree holder in quantity surveyor (UTM Skudai, 2006), a project manager in this local construction industry, also a part time student @ Niosh(safety construction management) and also a freelance photographer.bla bla is strange, and together my friends and I live it to it's fullest.this is my life.nothing much about me..

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welcome to my life

elevenzerooneOone..something happened...and a day i decided to here i am....

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place..I've found it has a little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. Aware of our surroundings..and always try to give meanings of everything we see"

-my lense' s story is my public first ever blog! i've been trying to picture myself holding a regular blog ever since i started reading some of the local blog about photographer..its looked fun and stuff but well, i never liked writing, so i quickly dropped the idea. blogging is not my thing, i thought. Then something really happen which i really regret i dont have any medium to rememberize it.

In spite of all this, this blog took birth on 11th jan 2010. i'll write mostly about myself, my boring life, my journey and its treasures. emm this is all exciting ! i have my very own blog

pull up a chair, lean back, relax & reminisce wif me, back to the GOOD OLD DAYS when the livin' was easy..

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Straits of Melaka street shooting

 Jom Pakat ramai2 p melaka shoot out...dari duk umh makan je..tgk tv pn dah bosan tgk muka korg je..menambahkan selulit jer.. better kite g melaka jalan2..


Melaka Shoot Out

Coming Soon


lady XOXO said...

wah p MELAKA SHOOTOUT,, amboi siap coming soon plak tue.. ahahha.. biler nak wat WINA SHOOT OUT nie. .ahahahhah

nurkaloi said...

yeah...t dtg melake...roger roger yer cik haidi....

-aNida OtHmaN- said...

Nudzul Haidi Che Harun = TUDIA PERAMBAT suh p shoot...hahahahh kalo dak selUlit mai nuh...hahahaha yg ada kamera godang syOklaa tembak sana sini..yg takda nieh..kena gaklaa dok depan tibi bg tambah selulit hahahahahah.....

Nudzul Haidi Che Harun sayaa ada jaa tak p memana pn...KNURI tuh erk??? tatau g laaa en Nudzul Haidi Che Harun..insya'ALLAH erk...windu erk nak jmpak..heehehhee..apa-apa caling-caling lah nnti keyh

LittLeMyRsHMaLLoW said...

tgu je pixcha2 kat mlk nih kat blog awk...
myra name jer dok mlk tp tak pena pun jln2 kat mlk...
siyes da tak tahu ape jd kat mlk nih...haha~
sgt lah katak di bwh botol...kan ? kan ? =p
tQ 4 invite myra yer haidi...=)

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

encik haiddiii!!!
anis tag kamu dlm edit poto contest
tahu kamu punye photo best3
jadi sy tag~

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

cik haidi
anis tag cik haidi dlm edit photo contest
anis suke photo2 kamu~
jadi anis tag kamu~


bestnye g melaka.......kalola dpt g sana gakkkk....